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Luca Susti, professional drummer from Lima-Perú currently based in Santa Cruz, California,  completed his Masters on Jazz Performance at New Jersey City University (May 2020) and his Bachelors degree at the Dutch University ‘Codarts University of the Arts’ (June 2013) on Jazz Studies (Drums). Having previously studied two years of classical percussion at the Peruvian National Conservatory of Music.

Susti has performed with artists such as: Andres Prado, Davy Mooney, John Benitez, Ian Rapien, Pepe Cespedes,  Kike Purizaga, Celeste Krishna, Pochi Marambio, Carlos Emilio Llerena,  Gabriel Alegría Afro-Peruvian sextet,  Panagiotis Andreou, Robin Banerje, Oscar Estagnaro,  among others.

Susti has studied with Jeff “Tain” Watts, Tim Horner, Hans Van Oosterhout and  Hugo Alcazar (First teacher since age of 10). Also he attended master classes / had private lessons with artist such as:  Jeff Ballard,  Hugo Alcazar (First teacher since age of 10), Mark Guiliana, Dan Weiss, Gregory Hutchinson, Eric Harland, Ari Hoenig, Niti Ranjan Biswas,  Ali Jackson and more.

Recorded Drums on the following albums:

My Blue House                      - Celeste Krishna . Monarchs  (2019 – to be released on 2020)
El Club de los Desubicados  - Pepe Céspedes (2018)
La Casa No Existe                 - Alejandro y Marialaura (2017)
Zamba Puta                           - Lalá     (2017)
Balcony Adventures Around the World -Balcony Players (2014)
Balcony Go Crazy                  - Balcony Players (2010)

Performed at the following Festivals and International venues:

Litchfield Jazz Fest: Connecticut – U.S.A.

Gent Jazz Fest: Gent – Belgium
Zinc Bar: New York City – U.S.A.
Terraza 7: Queens - U.S.A.
Gentse Feesten: Gent - Belgium
North Sea Round Town: Rotterdam – Netherlands
S.E.N.S.A.C.I.O.N.A.L. Fest. : Belo Horizonte – Brazil  
Jazz Festival Delft: Delft – Netherlands
Oerol fest.: Terschelling – Netherlands
De Twee Spieghels: Laiden – Netherlands
Sala Clamores: Madrid – Spain
Centre Artesa Tradicionarius: Barcelona - Catalunya –Spain
Mercat de Música Viva de Vic: Vic - Catalunya – Spain
Ost Klub: Viena – Austria
Openbare werken Ruigoord:  Amsterdam – Netherlands
Le Vagabond: Rotterdam – Netherlands
International Jewish Music Fest. : Amsterdam – Netherlands
Centro Cultural Peruano Japonés: Lima – Perú
La Noche de Barranco: Lima - Perú

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